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Building Permits

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Building permits are issued by the Town Building Inspector.  A building permit can only be issued after the required zoning permit (if any) has been obtained.

Zoning permits are issued by Columbia County.  If your construction project requires a zoning permit, then that step must be completed first.  See our Planning & Zoning page for more details on the zoning process.

If you have any doubt about what permits are required, please contact either the Columbia County Planning & Zoning Department or the Town Building Inspector to directly discuss your project.

Which Permits Are Required

Construction projects can be divided into four basic categories of permit requirements.  Projects that...

• Require both a Zoning Permit and a Building Permit

Generally any building project that involves creating a new structure, or that changes the footprint or "building envelope" of an existing structure, is going to require a zoning permit.  That would apply to new houses, new garages, new sheds over 100 square feet, new porches, new decks, new patios, new gazebos, etc or enlarging or changing the shape of such structures.  This list does NOT include everything!  If in doubt, please check first.  Also note that Shoreland Zoning is applicable to almost any project within 75 feet of the shore and some projects that are within 300 feet of the shore.

• Require only a Zoning Permit

Projects in the category of needing only a zoning permit, will most likely fall under the Shoreland Zoning within 75 feet of the water.  Examples would be building a retaining wall, building stairs to the shore, installing a path to a dock, installing a patio, etc. when within the 75-foot setback area from the ordinary high water mark.

• Require only a Building Permit

As a general rule, construction projects that are interior to an existing structure, such as remodeling a bathroom or upgrading an electrical service panel will not require a zoning permit.  In such cases, only the General Building Permit Application is required.

Other projects that do not require a zoning permit, but may require a building permit are accessory buildings that do not exceed 100 square feet and are used by the residents of the principal building, including but not limited to tree houses and play houses, shelters for dogs and domestic pets of the residents of the property, ice fishing shanties, sheds, and other storage buildings under this 100 square foot threshold.

• Don't require either a Zoning Permit or a Building Permit

Some projects do not require any building permit or zoning permit.  These projects are along the lines of maintenance, repair, replacement, upkeep, etc.  For instance, the Town of Lodi does not require a building permit for re-roofing or re-siding a building.  A building permit is not required when replacing windows and doors with new ones that are the same size(s) as the originals.  (However a building permit would be required when the "replacement" involves a structural change, such as replacing a window with something like a large bay window or a sliding glass patio door.)

Caution for All Owners of Shoreland PropertyPlease note that Shoreland Zoning is applicable to almost any project within 75 feet of the shore and some projects that are within 300 feet of the shore.  Projects that would not otherwise require a zoning permit, will probably need one if they fall within the Shoreland Zoning setback areas.  Also take special note of the Impervious Surface standards within the Shoreland Zoning ordinance that may further limit projects that would otherwise be allowed outside of the 300-foot waterfront setback areas.

If you have any doubt about what permits are required, please contact either the Columbia County Planning & Zoning Department or the Town Building Inspector to directly discuss your project.

Building Permit Forms


2020 Building Permit Fee Schedule

The final amount due will be calculated by the Town Building Inspector after you submit the completed permit application.  You will then receive a call from the building inspector, stating that your building permit is available for pickup at the Town Hall and the amount that is due.


When Do I Need A Building Permit?  A very general set of guidelines produced by General Engineering Company.  If in any doubt, please call the Town Hall or contact the Town Building Inspector directly.

General Building Permit Application:  Used for remodels, additions, alterations, decks, pools, fences, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, to raze an existing building, etc.  This form covers most situations, but not driveways or the construction of a new home.
Fillable PDF

Access/Driveway Permit Application (only for Town Roads):  This application applies to three driveway-related situations, but only for driveways that connect to a Town of Lodi road.  (Driveways that connect to county highways are regulated by the Columbia County Highway Department.  Driveways that connect to state highways are regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.)

The meaning of driveway, of course, refers to the improved, private, roadway surface (gravel, limestone, asphalt, concrete, pavers, turfstone, etc) that is connected to a road/highway and used for vehicle traffic and/or parking.

The meaning of access might be less apparent.  Access refers to both the permission required to connect to the road/highway and the conditions imposed on how that connection must be built.  Those conditions are a set of engineering specifications that the finished connection must meet (construction material of the apron, grade, camber, width, angle of approach, culvert requirements, drainage & erosion concerns, site lines, vision triangles, etc) as determined by the Town Engineer.  The Wisconsin DOT  has an article on the principles of Access Management.


New Home Step #1 - Zoning Permit:  Columbia County Requirements & Contacts List.  Start the process of building a new home (one- or two-family) by following the path laid out here.  This document lists each of the steps required (and in the order that they must be done) in order to be issued the Zoning Permit that is needed to build a new home.

New Home Step #2 - Building Permit:  This document lists the steps required in order to be issued the Building Permit for a new (one- or two-family) home.  General Engineering Company has also included forms, guidelines and reference information that will apply to any new home construction.

New Home Step #3 - Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application:  This building permit application is only for new one- and two-family homes.  The form also contains further instructions to get through the building process.  New homes must be built in compliance with Wisconsin's Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC).

Fillable PDF
Columbia County Minimum Setback Requirements PDF
General Variance Application FormPDF
Driveway Variance Application Form PDF
Building a Deck - Code RequirementsPDF
Permit For Excavating in Town Road Right-of-Way PDF




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