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Commissions & Committees

There are two types of commissions and committees listed here.  The first are the Town of Lodi's internal commissions and committees.  The second type are the commissions and committees that administer joint municipal ventures of which the Town of Lodi is a voting member.

Town of Lodi's Commissions & Committees

These commissions and committees are formed at our Town level.  They are the Board of Review, the Park Commission and the Plan Commission.

Board of Review

James BrooksSupervisor
James BechenSupervisor
Brian HenrySupervisor
Jon PlumerSupervisor






Per Town of Lodi Ordinances - Section 2.45 APPOINTMENT OF ALTERNATE BOARD OF REVIEW MEMBERS - Appointments.

(b) The Town Board may name as many alternates as they deem necessary to meet the statutory requirement that no less than three Board of Review members are needed to make a final determination of an objection to the property assessment.  When appointment of an alternate is necessary, the appointment must be made no less than 48 hours prior to a meeting of the Board of Review.

Park Commission

Nancy MitchellMember
Edmund "Neil" HeskinMember608-592-5537
vacant as of 12/18/2018 - to be appointedMember  


Plan Commission

Tom MarxTown Board Member
James BechenTown Board
James LayneMember
vacant - to be appointed   

Per Town of Lodi Ordinances - Section 2.40 PLAN COMMISSION - How Constituted, Appointment.

(a) The Plan Commission shall consist of seven members:  two Supervisors and five citizens.  The citizen members shall be persons of recognized experience and qualifications in land use planning issues.  The Plan Commission shall elect its own officers.

(b) The citizen members shall be appointed by the Town Board Chairperson, subject to confirmation by the Town Board.  The citizen members shall serve staggered three year terms.


Commissions & Committees of which Town of Lodi is a Member

These commissions and committees are joint municipal ventures where the Town of Lodi is one of the participating voting members.  They are the Lodi Area EMS Commission, the Lodi Area Fire District Commission and the Eastern Columbia County Joint Municipal Court Committee.

Lodi Area EMS Commission

Alan TreinenPresidentTown of West Point
Jon PlumerMemberTown of Lodi608-592-4868
Jim TooleySecretaryTown of
Patsy BaeblerTreasurerCity of
Karen Essex (ending 12/31/2018)
MemberCity of Lodi


Lodi Area Fire District Commission

Doug NelsonMember/PresidentTown of West Point  
Mike BilkeyMemberCity of Lodi

Nick Cable Member City of Lodi608-592-3920
James BrooksMember/SecretaryTown of
Matt DaviesMemberTown of


Eastern Columbia County Joint Municipal Court Committee

James BrooksMemberTown of


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