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We would like to welcome you to the NEW Town of Lodi website. There have been many changes with more to come. Please watch our site for updates. You will find Board Agenda's, Meeting Minutes and Ordinances among many other useful items our citizens would need and want to know.

To the citizens of the Town of Lodi, if there is something not on this site you feel is important please contact the Town office.


Thank You!



Winter On-Street Parking

Per Town of Lodi Ordinance Section 5.11: 

(3) It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in the following locations in the Town of Lodi at any time from November 15 through March 15 each year:
(A) All town roads within the boundaries  of the Okee Sanitary District;

(B) All town roads within the boundaries of the Harmony Grove Sanitary District;

(C) Thistledown Drive

(D) Brothertown Court

************************PUBLIC ALERT************************

"The Lodi Police department has received numerous reports of citizens receiving phone calls from persons identifying themselves as member of the IRS, FBI or other federal agencies. These callers will often use scare tactics such as threatening that you will be arrested if you do not provide personal information or send them money. These agencies (IRS, FBI or any legitimate business) will never ask for your personal information, nor will they ask you to wire them money. Please remember to never give out any personal information to anyone! If you do provide personal information we suggest you file a police report and notify the three credit reporting agencies and your financial institutions if applicable."



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Town of Lodi
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