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Public Hearings:  Tuesday, January 29

Three public hearings are scheduled for Tuesday, January 29 beginning at 5:30 pm followed by the regular January Town Board meeting.

  • 5:30 pm:  Ordinance No. 2018-02 & Ordinance No. 2018-03

  • 5:45 pm:  Fern Glen Farms Preliminary Plat
  • 6:00 pm:  Discontinuation of Mack Road

Notice of 2019 Elections

  • February 19, 2019: Spring Primary

Sample Ballot for Feb 19 Spring Primary (PDF)

  • April 2, 2019: Spring Election

See the Elections page for complete details.

Notice of February 19, 2019 Spring Primary - Public Test of Voting Equipment on February 13, 2019PDF
Notice of February 19, 2019 Spring PrimaryPDF
Notice of February 19, 2019 Spring Primary - Voting by Absentee BallotPDF  Revised 01-18-2019
Notice of April 2, 2019 Local ElectionPDF
Notice of April 2, 2019 Judicial ElectionPDF


Property Tax Bills for 2018

Dec 5, 2018:  The 2018 Property Tax Bills were mailed out December 5th and are also available on the Columbia County website.  See the Property Taxes page for more information including an explanation of the First Dollar Credit and the Lottery & Gaming Credit.

Dec 28, 2018:  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue publishes Property Tax Guides explaining how property is assessed and taxed; how reassessment & revaluation works; how to appeal your assessment through the Board of Review; and general information about the levy and tax rates.  See the Property Taxes page for even more related forms & publications.

Transfer Site Vehicle Stickers Coming in January

Dec 18, 2018:  Beginning in January 2019, the Town Board has decided to use a window sticker in place of the paper cards.  Stickers will be handed out at the Transfer Site as soon as they become available.  Your paper card can be used until then.

2019 Notice of Rabies Vaccination & Dog License Requirements






Dec 6, 2018:  Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Secs. 95.21(2), 174.05, and 174.07(1)(b), Wis. Stats., the owner of a dog shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian at no later than five (5) months of age and revaccinated within one year after the initial vaccination.  If the owner obtains a dog after the dog has reached five (5) months of age, the owner shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies within 30 days after the dog is obtained. The owner of a dog shall have the dog revaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian before the date that the immunization expires or within 3 years after the previous vaccination. The owner shall pay the dog license fees and obtain a license from the municipal treasurer.  Late fees may be assessed after April 1.  Susan M. Moll, Columbia County Clerk

2019 Town Budget

The 2019 Town Budget (PDF) was passed at a Special Town Meeting of the Electors on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.  See our Town Budget page for more.

Park Improvements in 2018

Oct 2, 2018:  The Park Commission completed an extensive list of improvement projects this year, including all new playground equipment in Madeline Summers Park.  See the Parks page for a full list of what was done in each park.  Thank you to everyone who helped make all of this happen!

Okee Bridge & County Road V Construction

Construction is scheduled for approximately July 8, 2019 through October 2019.  Check here for the latest news, plans and contacts for the Okee Bridge & County Rd V project. (Aug 31)

State Highway 60 (between Lodi & Arlington) Construction

Construction is scheduled to start near the end of June 2019.  Most of the work is expected between I-39 & Arlington.  However about 1000' feet of highway just east of Lindsay Rd will also be repaved.  Ultimately Highway 60 will be detoured for approximately 2 weeks.




Wed, Jan 23:  Okee Sanitary District

Wed, Jan 23:  Joint Sewerage Commission

Tue, Jan 29:  Town Board & Three Public Hearings

Tue, Feb 5:  Harmony Grove Sanitary District

Tue, Feb 12:  Plan Commission

Wed, Feb 13:  Lodi Area Fire Commission

Wed, Feb 13:  Lodi Area EMS Commission

Agendas available on our Meetings page.


Exchange Table at Transfer Site Is Closed for Winter & Will Reopen in Spring (Nov 12)

Next Food Pantry:  Fri, Feb 1st

City of Lodi $20 Wheel Fee Does Not Apply to Town Residents

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