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The Town of Lodi is in search of a new logo.  Town property owners or any of their immediate family living in the Town of Lodi, of any age are eligible to participate.  Submissions should capture the essence of the Town of Lodi and reflect one or more of the attributes that make the Town of Lodi a great place to live, work and play, a safe community, access to plenty of parks and leisure activities.  

Your logo designs must be submitted by noon on Monday, August 15th (deadline change).  For more details please click on the PDF or email   PDF           



City of Lodi Wheel Fee's Potential Impact on Town Residents

The City of Lodi passed a $20.00 wheel tax that became effective in May of 2016.  The impact that may have on Town of Lodi residents is that when your vehicle registration renewal is received it may include the $20.00 fee.  I spoke to a representative of the Department of Transportation and they explained that when a person purchases a vehicle the dealership typically just records the vehicle as being in a City rather than asking whether the buyer lives in the City or the Town.  I, for one, have never thought to look at that part of a vehicle purchase contract.  Now, that part of the contract is significant.  If you have already paid the $20.00 fee and your vehicle is kept at a residence in the Town you can call 608-264-7447, and go to prompt 2.  The Department of Transportation stated that they can help correct that error.  Also, if you haven’t received a vehicle registration renewal since May you may want to either check your vehicle purchase contract or call the same number and verify that your vehicle is registered in the Town and not the City.  In the alternative, when you receive the renewal, you can cross out the word “City” and write the word “Town” in its place and subtract the $20.00 additional fee if you vehicle is kept in the Town.


     Tom Marx, Chairman

     Town of Lodi




Monday August 15th


Friday August 19th

The Town Hall will close at 1:00 p.m. each day. 

Regular hours of operation  8:30 a.m. to  4:30 p.m. will resume on August 22nd.