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Ordinances & Resolutions

Town of Lodi Ordinances and Resolutions. Our Resolutions section is still under construction.


Town of Lodi Municipal Code Table of Contents
Chapter 1General Provisions
Chapter 2Government and Administration
Chapter 3Joint Municipal Court
Chapter 4Public Safety
Chapter 5Public Works
Chapter 6Licensing and Regulations
Chapter 7Health and Sanitation
Chapter 8Offenses and Nuisances
Chapter 9Park Regulations
Chapter 10Land Division and Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 11Building and Construction Codes
Chapter 12Vehicle Regulations
Chapter 13Fair Housing
Ordinance To Change Posting Requirements For Town Board meeting MinutesPDF
Ordinance To Adopt State Traffic Statutes By Reference For Local EnforcementPDF
Ordinance 2016-02 An Ordinance to Create Elections Regulations PDF 
Ordinance 2016-07 An Ordinance to Create Several Classes of Activities Declared to be OffensesPDF
Ordinance 2016-08 An Ordinance to Repeal the Deposit Schedule for Forfeitures from Lodi Municipal Code PDF 
Ordinance 2016-09 An Ordinance To Establish an Official Traffic Map in the Town of LodiPDF
Official Traffic Map,(Re Ordinance above)PDF
Ordinance 2017-01 An Ordinance to Modify Portions of the Town of Lodi Fee OrdinancePDF 


Town of Lodi - Resolutions
2006Adoption of the NIMS System
2007A Resolution Designating State Highway 60 Designation as a State Scenic Byway
2007Adopting a Phosphorus Prohibition Related to Lawn Fertilizer
2010Adoption of Chrislaw Road as a Rustic Road
2012Adoption of Columbia County Comprehensive Zoning
2014$200,000 TERM CREDIT Agreement/Promissory Note
2015Adopting a Travel Reimbursement Policy for the members of the Lodi Town Board


ResolutionRepealing Resolution 2013-05 "A Resolution To Prohibit Scavenging From the Town of Lodi Transfer Sitethat was adopted on November 26, 2013




Town of Lodi
W10919 County Road V
Lodi, WI 53555
Phone: (608) 592-4868
Fax: (608) 592-2024

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