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Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning is prescribed by Wisconsin Statutes to be a joint effort between Columbia County and the Town of Lodi.  As a result, most projects will require corresponding action at both the County level and the Town level.  Unfortunately that means that most projects will require that a form be filed and a fee be paid, at both the County level and the Town level.  Rezoning, platting and similar projects will also require that hearings be held, and formal action be taken at one or more meetings at both the County level and the Town level.

In most cases, it is advisable to contact Columbia County Planning & Zoning first and then the Town of Lodi.  That is because Columbia County is the controlling jurisdiction on most Planning & Zoning issues, while the Town has a more complementary and/or advisory role.  For instance, it is Columbia County who ultimately deems a parcel to be buildable or not, but they will look to the Town of Lodi for recommendations or limitations on things like siting the building and the route of the driveway.

Columbia County Planning & Zoning

  • Columbia County - Land Information Department - Direct Link to Interactive Map
    • Search land parcel information, ownership details, assessments, tax records, turn on optional layers to show contour lines, satellite imagery, floodplains, wetlands, tax districts, voting districts, zoning districts & overlays, shoreland zoning, future land use plan, boat launches, bike routes, hiking & snowmobile trails, etc.

Town of Lodi Planning & Zoning

Town of Lodi Plan Commission

The Town of Lodi Plan Commission generally holds their meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Town Hall.  See the Meetings page for agendas and minutes.

Town of Lodi Comprehensive Plan

In June 2003, the Town of Lodi partnered with the Columbia County Planning & Zoning Department to begin developing an individual Town Comprehensive Plan.  The current Comprehensive Plan was published September 29, 2009.

Columbia County also has a County Comprehensive Plan document with maps.  It appears very similar to the Town of Lodi's Comprehensive Plan, however it is done from a County-wide perspective.

All Comprehensive Plans, whether at the Town or County level, are required by Wisconsin State Statute 66.1001 and must contain the same nine elements:  1) Issues & Opportunities, 2) Housing, 3) Transportation, 4) Utilities & Community Facilities, 5) Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources, 6) Economic Development, 7) Intergovernmental Cooperation, 8) Land Use, and 9) Implementation.

Since January 1, 2010, every new or amended ordinance enacted by either the Town or the County must be consistent with that local government's Comprehensive Plan if the ordinance falls within one of six specified subject areas.  The six subject areas (in which all ordinances must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan) are:  1) Official Mapping Ordinances, 2) Local Subdivision Ordinances, 3) County Zoning Ordinances, 4) City or Village Zoning Ordinances, 5) Town Zoning Ordinances, and 6) Shoreland & Wetland Zoning Ordinances.

Comprehensive Plan Text

Appendix 1 - Maps

Appendix 2 - Resolutions, Ordinances & Lists

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