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The current meeting schedules with agendas and minutes are listed below. If you are interested in previous years, please see the links under Archive of Older Minutes. 

Archive of Older Minutes



Town Board

2nd Tuesday of each month / 6:00 PM             

Lodi Town Hall
Plan Commission

4th Tuesday of each month / 6:00 PM  


Lodi Town Hall
Park Commission

1st Wednesday of each month / 5:00 PM 

 (March - November)

Lodi Town Hall

Note: New schedule effective June 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *Unless otherwise posted.



                   Lodi Area Fire District Commission               (LAFD)

3rd Wednesday of each month / 5:00 PMLodi Fire Station

Lodi Area Emergency Medical Service Commission (LAEMS)

3rd Thursday of each month / 7:00 PM

Lodi EMS Station

Harmony Grove Sanitary District

1st Tuesday of each month / 6:00 PM           (unless the month starts on a Tuesday)Sanitary District Office

Okee Sanitary District

4th Wednesday of each month / 5:15 PMSanitary District Office

Harmony Grove-Okee Joint Sewerage Commission

4th Wednesday of each month / 6:00 PMSanitary District Office

*Unless otherwise posted.

2021/2022 MEETINGS

Note: Meeting minutes are not posted until the minutes have been approved & provided to the website administrator, usually at the next regular meeting.  For example the minutes from the January Town Board meeting would be approved at the February meeting.
 Meeting DateMeeting TypeMeeting Location Time Agendas


11/29/2022Planning CommissionTown Hall6:00 pmAgenda  
11/21/2022 Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00 pmAgenda 
11/16/2022Fire CommissionLodi Fire Station5:00 pmAgenda 
11/03/2022 Budget WorkshopTown Hall4:30 pmAgenda 
11/02/2022 Parks Commission MeetingTown Hall5:00 PMAgenda 
10/26/2022 Board of ReviewTown Hall5:00 pmAgenda 
10/24/2022 Fire Commission Meeting Lodi Fire Station  4:50 pm Agenda  
 10/18/2022Town Board Meeting Town Hall  6:00 PMAgendaMinutes 
 10/12/2022Park CommissionTown Hall  5:00 PMAgendaMinutes 
09/27/2022 Planning Commission Town Hall  6:00 PM Agenda 
09-21-2022 Fire Commission Meeting Lodi Fire Station  5:00 PM  Agenda 
 09/16/2022Special Town Board Meeting Town Hall   12:00 PM Agenda - AmendedMinutes 
 09/15/2022Parks Commission Meeting  Town Hall  5:00 PM  AgendaMinutes 
 09/13/2022Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00 PMAgenda - AmendedMinutes 
 09/07/2022Special Town Board Meeting Town Hall  6:00 PM  AgendaMinutes 
 10/26/2022Board of Review - Postponed to October 26th Town Hall5pm-7pmNotice 
 08/30/2022Plan Commission MeetingTown Hall6:00pmAgenda 
 08/25/2022Personnel CommitteeTown Hall 11:30AMAgendaMinutes 
08/18/2022 Lodi Area EMSLodi EMS7:00pmAgenda 
 08/17/2022Fire Commission MeetingLodi Area Fire Station5:00pm

 Revised Agenda


 08/17/2022Personnel CommitteeTown Hall12:00pmAgenda 

Town Board Meeting

(Moved from August 9, 2022 due to Partisan Primary on regularly scheduled meeting date)

Town Hall6:00pm   Revised Agenda 
 08/15/2022Open BookTown Hall2pm-4pmNotice 
 08/03/2022Parks CommissionTown Hall5:00PMAgendaMinutes 
 07/26/2022Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00PM Agenda 
 07/26/2022Lodi Area EMS CommissionLodi Area EMS7:00PMAgenda 
 07/20/2022Fire Commission Meeting Lodi Area Fire Station5:00PM


Quorum Notice

 07/19/2022Personnell CommitteeTown Hall5:00PMAgenda 
 07/12/2022 Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00PMRevised AgendaMinutes 
 07/06/2022 Parks CommissionTown Hall5:00PMAgendaMinutes 
06/28/2022  Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00PM  Revised Agenda 
06/15/2022 Fire Commission MeetingLodi Area Fire Station5:00PMAgenda 
 06/14/2022Town BoardTown Hall6:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
 06/14/2022Quality Base Selection CommitteeTown Hall5:45PMAgenda 
 06/08/2022UTV/ATV/Golf Cart Ad Hoc Committee  Town Hall 7:00PM  Revised Agenda 
 06/08/2022Special Fire Commission MeetingZoom 5:00PMAgenda Minutes
 06/01/2022Parks CommissionTown Hall5:00PMAgenda Minutes
05/19/2022 LAEMS Lodi Area EMS7:00PMAgenda 
 06/06/2022 Board of Review First MeetingTown Hall and/or Zoom6:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
 05/18/2022Fire Commission MeetingLodia Area Fire Station5:00PMAgenda 
 05/12/2022 Parks Commission MeetingTown Hall5:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
 05/10/2022Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00 PMAgenda Minutes
04/26/2022  Plan Commission MeetingTown Hall6:00PMAgenda 
04/26/2022 Personnel Committee Meeting Town Hall12:00PMAgenda 
 04/20/2022Fire CommissionLAFD 5:00PM Revised Agenda 
 04/19/2022Annual Town Meeting Town Hall6:00PM

 Notice (No agenda)


 04/14/2022Special Town Board MeetingTown Hall3:00PMAgenda Minutes
 04/14/2022Parks Commisson MeetingTown Hall4:00PMAgenda Minutes 
 04/12/2022Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
04/12/2022 Special Plan Commission MeetingTown Hall5:45PM Agenda Minutes
 03/31/2022LAEMS Comission Meeting  Lodi Area EMS7:00PMAgenda 
 03/22/2022Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
 03/16/2022 Fire Commission  LAFD5:00PMAgenda 
 03/15/2022Special Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00 PMAgenda Minutes
 03/09/2022Parks Commission MeetingTown Hall5:00PMAgendaMinutes 
 03/08/2022 Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00PMAgendaMinutes 

Special Town Board Meeting


Town Hall6:00PMAgenda 

 Special Town Board Meeting


Will be postponed to a later date. 

Town Hall5:00PM Revised Agenda 
 02/17/2022LAEMS Commission MeetingLodi Area EMS7:00PMAgenda 
 02/16/2022Plan Commission MeetingTown Hall 6:00PM Revised Agenda
 02/16/2022Fire Commission MeetingLodi Fire Station 5:00PMAgenda 
 02/08/2022Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00PMRevised Agenda Minutes
 01/25/2022Plan Commission MeetingTown Hall6:00PM  Revised Agenda 
 01/20/2022Lodi Area EMS Commission MeetingLodi Area EMS7:00PM Revised Agenda  
 01/19/2022Fire Commission Meeting  Zoom Only5:00PM Revised Agenda 
 01/11/2022Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00PM Revised Agenda Minutes
01/05/2022  Ad Hoc Committee for ATV/UTV/Golf CartsTown Hall 6:00PMAgenda 
 12/20/2021Ad hoc for Town Engineer Selection CommitteeTown Hall9:15AMAgenda 
 12/17/2021Staff and Board LuncheonTown Hall12:00PM-2:00PM Notice of Quorum 
 12/16/2021Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00PMAgenda Minutes 
 12/16/2021EMS Commission EMS Station7:00PM Agenda 
 12/15/2021Fire Commission Lodi Fire Station5:00PM Agenda 
 12/14/2021Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00PMAgenda (Revised)Minutes 
12/09/2021 Ad hoc for Town Engineer Selection Committee Town Hall9:30AMAgenda  
 12/09/2021Parks Commission Town Hall4:00PMAgenda 
 12/1/2021Ad hoc for UTV/ATV/Golf Cart Committee Town Hall6:00PMAgenda 
 11/23/2021Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00PMAgendaMinutes 
 11/17/2021Fire Commission LAFD or ZOOM5:00PMAgendaMinutes
11/15/2021 Public Budget Hearing/Special Meeting of Electors to Approve Tax Levy/Special Meeting to Adopt Proposed BudgetTown Hall 6:00PM

 Posted Budget Summary


Resolution of adoption of Total Town Tax Levy

Budget Hearing Minutes

Special Meeting of Electors Minutes

Special Meeting Minutes

 11/10/2021Parks Commission Town Hall5:00PMAgenda Minutes
 11/9/2021Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00PMAgendaMinutes 
 10/26/2021Plan CommissionTown Hall5:00 PMAgendaMinutes 
 10/21/2021LEMS Commission   EMS Station7:00 PM   Agenda 
 10/20/2021Fire Commission

Lodi Fire Station

115 N. Main St. Lodi, WI 53555

 5:00 PM


 10/13/2021Parks Commission Town Hall5:00pmAgenda 
 10/12/2021Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00pmAgenda Minutes 
 10/11/2021Town Board Preliminary Budget Meeting (Second) Town Hall5:00pmAgenda 
 10/5/2021Special Town Board MeetingTown Hall6:00pmAgenda (revised)Minutes 
10/4/2021 Town Board Preliminary Budget Meeting Town Hall5:00PMAgenda  
9/28/2021  Park Commission MeetingTown Hall5:00PMAgenda Minutes
 9/28/2021Plan Commission Meeting Town Hall & Zoom 6:00PMAgendaMinutes 

 Park Commission Meeting


Town Hall & Zoom  4:00 PM  
 09/15/2021Special Meeting Fire Commission 

Lodi Fire Station 

115 N. main St. Lodi, Wi 53555

6:00 PMAgenda  
 09/15/2021Lodi Fire Commission

Lodi Fire Station 

115 N. main St. Lodi, Wi 53555

5:00 PM Agenda 

Park Commission Meeting


 Town Hall & Zoom4:00 PMAgenda 
09/14/2021 Town Board MeetingTown Hall & Zoom6:00 PMAgenda Minutes
09/14/2021Plan Commission Town Hall & Zoom  5:00 PM Agenda 



09-30-2021Board of Review Town Hall4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Board of Review  
 09-13-2021Open Book Notice  Virtual6:00 AM - 8:00 PM Open Book Notice  
 09-01-2021 Lodi School DistrictLodi School District 115 School Street, Lodi, WI 53555  4:30 PM


 08-25-2021 Lodi School DistrictLodi School District 115 School Street, Lodi, WI 53555 4:30 PM

 Contract Review Committee

08-20-2021 Special Town Board Meeting Town Hall6:00 PM Special Town Board Meeting  Special Town Board Meeting - Draft Minutes


Harmony Grove Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting Town Hall9:00 AM

 08-21-2021 HGLPRD Agenda Annual Meeting.pdf


 08-26-2021      Town of Lodi               Board of Review Town Hall4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

08-09-21 & 08-26-21 Real Estate Assessment Open Book & Board of Review Notice.pdf

Cancelled due to incorrect posting by Town Clerk

Will be rescheduled

08-09-21 & 08-26-21 Personal Property Assessment Open Book Notice & Board of Review Notice.pdf


 Plan CommissionTown Hall6:00 PM  


Park CommissionTown Hall5:00 PM 

08/11/2021 Park Commission Agenda




Town BoardTown Hall / Zoom6:00 PMTn Bd Mtg 08-10-2021  
08-09-2021             Town of Lodi                Open Book Town Hall 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

08-09-21 & 08-26-21 Real Estate Assessment Open Book & Board of Review Notice.pdf

Cancelled due to incorrect posting by Town Clerk

08-09-21 & 08-26-21 Personal Property Assessment Open Book Notice & Board of Review Notice.pdf
 07-27-2021Plan CommissionTown Hall / Zoom

6:00 PM

Absent NeedAbsent Need 


Special Town BoardTown Hall / Zoom6:00 PM07-22-21 Special Town Board Meeting Agenda.pdf
 07-21-2021LAFD Commission Fire Station

5:00 PM

 07-21-2021Fire Commission Agenda.pdf07-21-2021 Fire Chief Report.pdf
07-15-2021 LAEMS Commission EMS Station

7:00 PM

 07-14-2021Park CommissionLodi Town Hall / Zoom

5:00 PM

07-14-21 Park Comm Ag.pdf Meeting Cancelled 
07-13-2021 Town BoardLodi Town Hall / Zoom

6:00 PM

07-13-2021 REVISED Town Board Meeting Agenda Final.pdf  Minutes
06-30-2021 Harmony Grove Lake Protection & Rehabilitation DistrictLodi Town Hall6:30 PM  
 06-23-2021Special Town Board Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM 06-23-2021 Special Town Board Meeting Agenda.pdf06-23-2021 Special Town Board Meeting Minutes.pdf 
 06-22-2021Plan Commission Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM  06-22-21 FINAL PLAN COMM AGENDA.pdf 

LAFD Commission

 Lodi Fire Station5:00 PM  06-16-21 Fire Commission Agenda.pdf

06-16-2021Fire Commission Minutes.pdf

06-16-21 Fire Chief Report.pdf

 06-14-2021Special Town Board Lodi Town Hall / Zoom 6:00 PM6-14-21 Special Town Board Meeting Agenda.pdf6-14-21 Special Town Board Meeting Minutes.pdf 
 06-09-2021Park Commission  Lodi Town Hall / Zoom 5:00 PM 06-09-2021 Park Commission AgendaMinutes
 06-08-2021Town Board Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM  06-08-21 FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag JB.pdf06-08-21 Tn Bd Mtg MINUTES.pdf 
 05-25-2021Town Board Lodi Town Hall / Zoom 6:15 PM 05-25-21 FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag JB.pdf05-25-21 Town Board Meeting Minutes REVISED.pdf

Board of Review*

*this is only to call BOR to order by 05/31/21 as required by law. No BOR hearings will be held. See agenda when posted.

 Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM 05-25-21 BOR Notice & Agenda.pdf 05-25-21 Board of Review Minutes.pdf
 05-25-2021Public Hearing: Gargano Trust Conditional Use Permit for Tourist Rooming House at N2640 Summerville Park Rd Lodi Town Hall / Zoom5:30 PM  05-25-21 Public Hearing Notice re   Gargano CUP.pdf 05-25-21 Public Hearing Gargono Trust CUP Notes.pdf
 05-20-2021Special Park Commission Lewis Byrns Park5:00 PM 05-20-21 Special Park Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf 05-20-2021 Special Park Commission Minutes.pdf
 05-19-2021LAFD Commission Fire Station / Zoom 5:00 PM 05-19-21 Fire Comm Ag.pdf05-19-21 Fire Commission Minutes.pdf
 05-17-2021Library Board Lodi Library / Zoom4:30 PM  05-17-21 Library Board Meeting Agenda.pdf 
 05-12-2021Park Commission Lodi Town Hall / Zoom5:00 PM  5-12-2021 Park Commision Agenda Final.pdf Park Commission minutes 5-12-2021.pdf
 05-11-2021Plan Commission Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM  05-11-21 Final Plan Comm Mtg Ag.pdf 
 04-29-2021LAFD Site Selection Committee Lodi City Hall / Zoom 6:30 PM 04-29-21 SSC Mtg Ag.pdf no minutes provided to-date
 04-27-2021Town Board Lodi Town Hall / Zoom 6:00 PM 04-27-21 FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag 1-1jb.pdf04-27-21 TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES.pdf 
 04-21-2021LAFD Commission Lodi Fire Station / Zoom 5:00 PM 04-21-21 Fire Comm Ag.pdf no minutes provided to-date

Annual Town Board

 Lodi Town Hall / Zoom6:00 PM 

04-20-21 Ann Tn Mtg Ag.pdf

07-28-20 Annual Tn Mtg Min.pdf

04-20-21 DRAFT Annual Town Meeting Minutes - Letterhead.pdf
 04-19-2021Library Board Zoom4:30 PM  04-19-21 Library Bd Mtg Ag.pdf4-19-21 Library Board Minutes.pdf
 04-14-2021Park Commission Zoom 5:00 PM 04-14-2021 Parks Commission Agenda 1-1.pdf04-14-21 Park Comm Min.pdf
 04-13-2021Plan Commission Zoom 6:00 PM 04-13-21 AMENDED FINAL2 Plan Comm Ag_BJP kdk.pdf minutes not approved to-date
 03-31-2021LAFD Site Selection Committee Lodi City Hall / Zoom 6:00 PM 03-31-21 SSC Mtg Ag.pdf  no minutes provided to-date
 03-30-2021Town Board Zoom6:00 PM  03-30-21 FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag.pdf 03-30-21 Tn Bd Mtg Min.pdf
 03-24-2021Harmony Grove Lake Protection & Rehabilitation DistrictAudio Only 6:30 PM  03-24-21 HGLP&RD Bd Mtg Ag.pdf 03-24-2021 HGLPRD Minutes.pdf
 03-17-2021LAFD Site Selection Committee Lodi City Hall / Zoom6:30 PM  03-17-21 SSC Mtg Ag.pdf03-17-2021 Site Selection Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf
 03-17-2021LAFD Commission Zoom5:00 PM  03-17-2021Fire Commission Agenda (002).pdf 
 03-12-2021Special Town Board Zoom 6:00 PM 03-12-21 Sp Tn Bd Mtg Ag.pdf03-12-21 Sp Tn Bd Mtg Min.pdf 
 03-10-2021Park Commission Zoom5:00 PM  03-10-2021 Parks Commission Agenda 1- 1.pdf03-10-21 Parks Comm Min.pdf
 03-09-2021Plan Commission Zoom6:00 PM  03-09-21 Plan Comm Ag.pdf 03-09-21 Plan Comm Mtg Min KK.pdf
 02-23-2021Town Board Zoom6:00 PM  02-23-21 AMENDED FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag BHag.pdf02-23-21 DRAFT Tn Bd Mtg Min.pdf 
 02-17-2021LAFD Commission Zoom5:00 PM  02-17-21Fire CommAg.pdf 02-17-21 Fire Comm Mtg Min.pdf 


Harmony Grove Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District Zoom6:30 PM  2021-01-27 HGLPRD Board Packet.pdf01-27-2021 HGLPRD Minutes.pdf 
 01-26-2021Town Board Zoom 6:00 PM 01-26-21 FINAL Tn Bd Mtg Ag.pdf01-26-21 Tn Bd Mtg Min.pdf
 01-20-2021LAFD Commission Zoom5:00 PM  01-20-21 LAFD Comm Ag.pdf
01-20-21 Fire Commission minutes.pdf

Special Town Board

 Zoom 6:00 PM 01-19-21 Sp Tn Bd Mtg Ag.pdf
01-19-21 Sp Tn Bd Mtg Min.pdf 
 01-12-2021Plan Commission Zoom6:00 PM 01-12-21 Plan Comm Mtg Ag.pdf
01-12-21 Plan Comm Mtg Min.pdf 

Archive of Older Minutes


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