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Meetings - 2017

2017 Meetings


2017 MeetingsMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
12/26/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
12/21/2017EMS CommissionPDFPDF
12/13/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
12/07/2017Plan CommissionPDFPDF
11/28/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
11/22/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
11/16/2017EMS CommissionPDF
11/13/20172018 Budget Public Hearing, Special Town Meeting, Special Town Board
10/30/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
10/26/2017EMS CommissionPDF
10/25/2017Plan Commission PDFPDF
10/18/2017Park CommissionPDFPDF
10/17/2017Special Town BoardPDF
10/11/2017JointMeeting w/Town of Lodi Board, Town of West Point Board, City of Lodi Council, LAEMS Commission, LAFDCommissionPDFPDF
10/09/2017Plan CommissionPDFPDF
10/04/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
09/28/2017EMS CommissionPDFPDF
09/26/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
09/20/2017Park CommissionPDFPDF
09/13/2017Fire CommissionPDF
08/29/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
08/16/2017Park CommissionPDFPDF
08/14/2017EMS CommissionPDF
08/09/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
07/26/2017Park CommissionPDFPDF
07/25/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
07/20/2017EMS CommissionPDFPDF
07/12/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
07/11/2017Plan CommissionPDFPDF
06/27/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
06/21/2017Park CommissionPDFPDF
06/15/2017EMS CommissionPDF
06/14/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
05/30/2017Joint Town Board/Plan CommissionPDF
05/30/2017Board of ReviewPDF
05/30/2017Town BoardPDFPDF
05/24/2017Park Commission cancellednot rescheduled
05/23/2017Plan CommissionPDFPDF
05/17/2017EMS CommissionPDFPDF
05/17/2017Park Commission cancelledrescheduled
05/10/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
04/27/2017EMS CommissionPDF
04/25/2017Town BoardPDF
04/24/2017Joint Meeting with Town of Lodi, Town of West Point, City of Lodi, Lodi Area EMS and Lodi Area Fire DepartmentPDF
04/20/2017Plan Commission
04/19/2017Park Commission
04/18/2017ANNUAL TOWN
04/12/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF
03/28/2017Town BoardPDF
03/23/2017Plan Commission
03/16/2017EMS CommissionPDF
03/15/2017Park Commission
03/09/2017Special Town Board PDF
03/08/2017Fire CommissionPDF
02/28/2017Town BoardPDF
02/20/2017Plan CommissionPDFPDF
02/16/2017EMS CommissionPDF
02/08/2017Fire Commission
01/31/2017Town Board PDF
01/19/2017EMS Commission
01/11/2017Fire CommissionPDFPDF




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